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KTM Motorcycle Rentals & Tours

Craig Marshall, owner of the MSA Travel Group, has been in the Motorcycle Travel, Touring and Rentals industry for 11 years, creating adventure Routes from Cape Town to Kenya and beyond. We promote, market and source the strongest brands in the industry in Southern Africa.

Whether you're into Cruising the Famous R62 on tarmac or crossing the vast plains of Namibia and Botswana or Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls - and the twisted back country gravel roads of the picturesque Western Cape Garden Route on the latest YAMAHA,  HONDA, & KTM Guided and Self-Guided Tours.

Craig & Xavier recently teamed up to bring KTM adventure bikes into the mainstream rentals industry...

We at the MSA Travel Africa Group have the best and most suitable motorcycle, and route  for your trip of a lifetime.


Craig Marshall 
CEO and Founder, Tour Leader
The MSA Travel  Group of Companies



Xavier Gregorie - MG Adventures
KTM Fleet Owner and Manager

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Please feel free to contact us by email:
info @ msatravelafrica.com or Telephone directly if its urgent or you have a few questions....
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